The Bexez Small Damascus Blade EDC Knife

Perfect for everyday adventures in the great outdoors , made of sturdy steel and have a razor-sharp edge.

The Bexez

Old is gold I always heard this word somewhere, every time I saw something old like a car or any tool it reminds me of the word because they are simple beautiful and durable till today from when built it and they stand more than modern world tools cars etc. so my inspiration of The Bexez knife start from there.
The bexez is simple two handed opening small damascus blade folding knife with classic handle materials like rosewood and bone but we introduce a new materials like arctic storm, white storm, and damascus fat carbon fiber that isn't  exist before in classic knives.

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The Reliability of the Carbon fiber.

Because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion, it is possible to consistently produce a bright and sharp blade with only a minimum of upkeep. In our design, we have given careful consideration and care to each individual component: Starting with the non-locking friction folder that ensures a smooth and consistent operation all the way to the phosphor bronze washers that provide a performance that is durable and resistant to corrosion
To the Weight of a Feather
Even those who only wander for the day are aware that weight is important. When designing a knife for hikers, we understood that it had to be as small as possible and as light as a feather, but that it could not skimp on hardness or longevity. The length of the titanium or wood scale handle is precisely 3.25 inches, and it has a thickness of only 0.25 inches. However, this is a knife that packs far more of a punch than its size would suggest. When completely opened, the blade is only 2.45 inches from the foot to the tip, but it is made of steel strong enough to unleash the wilderness.

Sustainable materials .

When it comes to knives, there are a lot of different design trends to choose from. The worst thing that we've seen in recent times is people using materials of a low quality in order to make money quickly. We put a lot of time and effort into R&D, and we are very happy with the functional design and the materials that we selected. You will be the proud owner of the Carbon fiber knife for the rest of your life, provided that none of your friends decide to steal it. .